matahari jangan tidure, nanti hilang belang (a piece for the masses) 

'Matahari', a production by Theatresauce, devised play directed by Arief Hamizan

2019 is the year for trying new things for me. We all try new things every year of course. But 2019 is quickly becoming a larger departure from the usual I guess.

First there’s my new job as Creative Director at Malaysiakini, after spending 5 years with RTV Malaysia, Nuffnang. Malaysiakini is a brand new world for me -click here to read a recent post about what I’m doing at Malaysiakini.  And now there's this -

'Matahari', 22 to 25 Aug 2019. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned to me or Theatresauce for updates.

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Read on for more of why this is new for me.

I’ve been involved in the local theatre scene as an actor since 2003. Over the years, I’ve experienced ups & downs in terms of how active I am in the scene. Some years are more active than others. But I’ve never participated in devised theatre before. 

What is ‘devised theatre’?

Devised theatre - frequently called collective creation - is a method of theatre-making in which the script or (if it is a predominantly physical work) performance score originates from collaborative, often improvisatory work by a performing ensemble. - wikipedia. 

Confession: I’ve largely avoided getting involved with devised theatre works because I never thought I was good enough to do it. 

Acting in a piece of established creative script that has been researched, work-shopped and developed over time is hard enough. To create something from scratch with a bunch of people and then put on a show? I just couldn’t fathom it before.

What’s changed you may ask? 

Am I good enough now? Truth is, I don’t think I will ever think I’m ‘good enough’. But the thing that’s changed is that I now believe that wherever I am as an actor or creative person, I have something to offer.

Perhaps that’s better than being ‘good enough’. 

If you’ve read this far into this post. Firstly, thank you. Secondly, leave me a comment or drop me a message with : 

1. Do you want to collaborate and create something with me? Let’s talk. 

2. Is there a piece of work that I’ve acted in or produced that you’ve liked? Do share. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Good and bad. 

Hope to see you at the show!

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If you've been following my updates on social media (since Jan 2019). You may have noticed that I started working as Creative Director @malaysiakini. Without getting into too much details, I'm there to add new things to what they already do well. From branded content to original content, events etc. I'm not there to change what they are already good at, which is delivering the 'news & views that matter'.

It's a brave new world for me.

From a guy who largely stayed away from politics, starting side projects like '' that only focused on news from the independent, unseen and unheard creative practitioners to a platform like Malaysiakini. You might ask, "What gives?" Well, #MYcnyStories is just a small preview of the type of things I would like to do.

Telling stories has always been at the core of what I've wanted to do with my life.

From wanting to be an actor to becoming a producer, working in online advertising and so on. Specifically, stories that I can resonate with. Not just them Hollywood and foreign movies. The hope is that if I can resonate with the stories better, it'd be the same for 'you'. So if you've read this far into this post, do me a favour: visit, check out the essays already submitted and maybe look into sharing something yourself.

You may submit a tiny story (less than 100 words) or a 1min vlog video or if you want, a full on 800 to 1000 word essay. Details are at the site.

Thank you for reading. Let's keep telling stories.


Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I’m pretty sure post production blues is going to hit me hard on this one. One of the common questions I’ve been getting asked a lot throughout this whole run was, “How did you make yourself cry so consistently at all the different moments of the show?”

I am reminded of this quote from this article:“You’re not just technically producing it. When you cry, you really cry – physically, emotionally, everything. It’s in you. It’s part of your life.”

There is something about Jarod that I connect with on a level that I cannot explain. It’s just there and it was a pleasure to revisit again, 10 years later.

Once again, a big thank you for all of you who came to watch it. I am truly grateful.

Big hugs to #theatrethreesixty @chrisling Nick Choo @teacherdomlucienluk @ken.ssc @mooglehuffer @farisha_nadia Adry @triaaziz @kaichalmerss @michelle.hs.tan @ping.khoo @izworkz Elaine Jazz'Lynne, Wai Leong, Aizat Adli and @nickxandar - #TheEdgeKL - Picture by @shipng (at Lot'ng)


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