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Michael Chen

Actor, Producer and Kickboxing Instructor.

"Marketing & Communications Leader and Multifaceted Storyteller."


Versatile Actor, Producer, and Fitness Instructor. With a rich career spanning theatre, TV, and film, I bring a 360-degree approach to content creation : events, marketing, branding, digital, streaming and linear tv. Explore the intersection of storytelling and strength & fitness in my world.


I'm an actor, producer, and kickboxing fitness instructor.


I've been in the Malaysian entertainment scene since 2003, doing everything from acting to performing my stunts.


From 2013 to 2018, I dived into digital advertising as a branded content producer. 


And in 2019, I took the helm as CEO of Iron Hill Media


Plus, I love teaching kickboxing for fitness (since 2002)!


Watch out for #GengKuburMovie, a coming-of-age horror movie that I produced, written and directed by Gavin Yap. Releasing all over Malaysia on 25 April 2024.

Constantly developing a slate of TV series content and full length feature film ideas via my company, Iron Hill Media.

Check out my blog to see more details of what else is cooking on my plate! 

*If you have ideas and would like to get in touch, just click below.

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