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A Very Professional

&Technical Coach

“Strict but realistic. Always encouraging for you to perform your best.”​


—  Selina C.

Habits Are Harder To Break

Make the act of exercising regularly a fun journey rather than a distant destination.

Then you will arrive at your results a lot faster. It's about consistency.

More about my fitness background below.

#michaelcsmfitness video playlist

#michaelcsmfitness video playlist

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When did I start teaching kickboxing?

I have been certified to teach Kickboxing as a fitness instructor since 2002. I was previously certified by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and am now certified by International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Asia. 

My starting point was at TNT Kickboxing, Hartamas with kickboxing. Over the years, I have further dabbled into Muay Thai and MMA as well. In fact, I took part in the inaugural MIMMA tournament and made it to the Quarter Finals in 2013.

My philosophy?

Since 2003, my philosophy can be encapsulated as 'Functional fitness through #MartialArts combining great Cardio, Resistance Training at a high intensity’.

Over the years, I have expanded my knowledge base in fitness to also include other forms of training outside of martial arts. Like weight training, resistance band training and so on. All in the service of maintaining mobility and agility required for martial arts and life in general. 

Is my training approach for you?

My approach is most suited towards general fitness: losing weight, burning fat, getting lean & toned. The bonus is that you learn real Martial Art techniques which you can use in real life as self defence should the occasion ever arise. I truly believe that a good combination of #fitness and a little martial arts goes a long way. 

Drop me a message if you are looking for #PersonalTraining. 

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