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Creative Portfolio as of November 2023 : Michael Chen

Decided to take the time and take stock of the work I've done as a Creative Producer over the last decade, mainly featuring Original long-form content for TV & Film (even an animated series in development) and some Branded short-form content works between 2013 to 2023 (with one movie coming out in 2024!).

In taking stock, I feel the journey I've had as a multidisciplinary creative producer, actor, and social media expert, since 2006 is something I wouldn't have been able to imagine on my best day. But what I know for certain is that I always seek to synergize all of my experience spanning various entertainment industries in local, regional and international markets and my extended time in advertising & marketing as well. More than ever, today I know that I am personally driven by a growth mindset, data and passionate about making good content.

No matter how advanced we get as a people, with advancements in technology like AI, today's buzzword. I firmly believe that, "A story told well in any form will never lose it's value." Here's where I intend to make my mark and here is my value. I can craft stories that will work for you. At my age now, with a young family to be responsible for - I intend to make an impact like I haven't yet, for this next decade of my career life. Perhaps by then, other people would be writing about my creative portfolio?

One can dream. Dream it to make it happen yes?

Thanks for reading this. In the meantime, if you think my skillset is something that can add value to what you do, hit me up. Let's talk and make something happen!

Here are all of the ways you can reach me:


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