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Let's Make Something Together

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I believe in collaborative creation. Want to make something together?

JGL, Hitrecord, WAMM, We Are Malaysian Made
What's similar between JGL's & WAMM?

(*Skip to the end of this blog post if you just want to see what it is I want to try and make with you.)

I was reminded of this blog post I wrote in Jan 2014, 'Collaborative Filmmaking : My 2 Cents'. In short, I wrote about how I am heavily inspired by JGL's and how the previously active WAMM ( was my own personal effort to build towards what JGL was doing.

I also shared about how CUAK, the first (and only to date) full length feature film I produced was a further foray into making collaborative content creation a thing.

In my 2014 blog post, I literally wrote that I knew collaborative content creation is not for everyone and is not an easy feat but I'm going to die trying.

That leads to today. I am writing this with another attempt to make something 'together' with whoever is interested to try.

And I'm going to keep things simple :"What does Malaysia need more of?" - Just shoot a short video of yourself answering this question.

This is my current inspiration -


  1. Shoot in landscape please. No vertical video!

  2. Shoot it on your phone or a professional DSLR or just your regular ole' point & shoot. Doesn't matter. As long as I can see and hear you.

  3. Language : Speak in any language! But if you're speaking in something other than Eng or Malay, please include subtitles in your video to me.

  4. Keep it to clear and concise sentences. "I think Malaysia needs more of *insert description* because *insert reason*."

  5. Finally, send me a link to download the video footage. *If you don't have my contact, just PM me here.

With all of the footage that is sent to me, my goal is to edit together something positive that I can post online that was made by all of us.

With all the negativity that's floating around the internet these days, like the sexist medical student and the recent headline 'Jangan Buang Masa Kalau Tiada Rupa!' about DFKL that talks about actors needing to have the whole package, that seems heavily biased about physical appearance vs having actual talent...well. Let's just say I want to try and make something positive. So who's with me?

Deadline : 31 March 2019.

I try doing call-outs every year for pet projects but rarely get any response. Let's see how this goes?

Looking forward to hearing from you. If this tickled your fancy, share to your friends!

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