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Once Upon A Singer-Songwriter Phase...

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Yes, once upon a time, I was a kid with a guitar with dreams of rocking it up on stage, singing folksy rock / alternative music. Who grew into a young adult who joined a few open mics and performed my heart out thinking I could only get better.

Below are the only songs I managed to get properly recorded. Most of the songs were written during my angsty teenage years and refined with that great sound from the late 90's and early 2000's. If it wasn't for the support of my then girlfriend (now wife) Anrie and a guy I'm proud to call my friend, Khai who helped me put these tracks down, I wouldn't even have these 5 songs on soundcloud to look back on. I barely remember the chords and how to play them!

Listening to these songs, I almost feel like I don't even recognise the guy I'm listening to. It was another time. Another life.

I would go on to decide to focus on acting and becoming a producer. Eventually the confidence I gained from singing with my guitar carried me into singing and dancing in musicals. Without that confidence, I wouldn't have performed in Nick Choo's THE EDGE. From doing his workshop performance in 2008 and eventually performing the full blown musical in 2018 that led to me getting my first ever nomination at the 16th Kakiseni Boh Cameronian Arts Awards. I didn't win but heck, it was nice to get some kind of recognition as a performer.

Maybe I'll pick up the guitar again. Pen some songs. With the limited chords I still remember. When I have something to say again I guess. Till then, I'll leave this here.

'Whirlwind' is probably one of my newer original songs that wasn't written during my angsty teenage years, recorded in what was probably my last outing on an open mic stage.

Keep on trucking everybody.

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