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This Chrome Extension Got My Phone Number And I Don't Know How It Did It?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I just received a call from 03 7624 9979, from a fella by the name of Jia Jun. He claims that he is from a recruitment agency and he sounds quite legit.

What concerns me is how he got my direct contact. He mentioned that he used a software called Lusha, you can google it, . They have a facebook page too, Lusha. Using that software on Linkedin, he managed to get my number!

The thing is, I don't have my mobile number listed publicly on my Linkedin account or any other social media page that I own for that matter. But the software somehow pulled my direct contact.

On top of that, he realised that he was talking to the wrong 'Michael Chen'. Because my LinkedIn account clearly states that I'm not looking for job opportunities and he thought I was working in manufacturing, which is clearly not the case.

Hope someone from Lusha reaches out to me and can adequately explain how this happened and how I can ensure this doesn't happen again.

But I think it is more likely that my more tech savvy friends on FB can help me figure out how this software works and how I could safeguard myself a bit better for future reference!

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