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Updated: Mar 2, 2020


The picture on the left is my working space since 1 July 2019. This is where I spend a lot of time looking at an empty screen, filling up a 'to-do' list and try to do what I think I should be doing.

Here's the official WIP intro blurb for now :

IRON HILL MEDIA (IHM) acquires and produces stories in the form of films and/or serials for the local and global market. We aim to build a library of iconic content from fearless filmmakers.

Our mission: to make a lasting impact on global audiences with stories from South East Asia (SEA). We will tell distinctive local stories with global appeal surrounding all forms of subject matter that make us human.

IHM is partly owned by Principals from Passion Pictures who have offices in Malaysia(2000), Indonesia(2005) & Thailand(2012). Passion is a Producer-Owned-Company and all of the Passion offices are members of the exclusive Global Production Network in their respective countries. With strategically placed offices in SEA, IHM has direct access to produce high quality SEA content to be shared on the global market.


The above is the official WIP blurb. But what is IHM to me?

It's a second chance to revisit this whole idea of why I wanted to be a Producer in the first place. To find and tell stories that I can relate with. As I begin this new journey, I am reminded of Neil Gaiman's 2012 Commencement speech, namely these 3 pieces of advice -

  1. "If you don't know it's impossible, it's easier to do."

  2. "... if you have an idea of what you want to make, what you were put here to do, then just go and do that. And that’s much harder than it sounds and, sometimes in the end, so much easier than you might imagine."

  3. "Thirdly, when you start out, you have to deal with the problems of failure. You need to be thick-skinned, to learn that not every project will survive."

So, I don't know what I'm doing. But where's the fun in doing something you already know how to do?

I have an idea of what I want to make and also what I want to do. So this is me, doing it.

Worrying about failure is something I do all the time. But I would like to think that I have never let that worry stop me from jumping into things with two feet, hands flailing in the air and eyes wide open. Not everything I throw out there will stick, but something will. I have faith in that.


This is my call to action for anyone reading this:

If you have an idea in the form of a script, shortfilm, written (anything) that you think can be developed for a TV series or full length features, talk to me.

It's showtime baby.

Currently working on:

Logo, website and a few concepts to be pitched to exciting markets.

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