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Your Brain Is Stupid : Content Creators, yes our brains are stupid too!

Let me be clear, my brain is stupid too. Our brains are collectively stupid.

*YouTube video from Kurzgesagt's channel, "The Internet is Worse Than Ever - Now What?"

Watch the full video above for full context. But my primary takeaway after watching it is,

  • The 'filter bubble / echo chamber' is essentially a myth.

  • But, 'our brains are not able to process the amount of disagreement we encounter on the internet' because our brains are stupid.

  • Then again, our brains need to be stupid. In a way, it keeps us safe. Unfortunately, the internet / social media etc goes beyond what are our brains are able to process.

  • This leads to 'online polarization' and this is my ultimate take-away. The video explains this really well.

In a nutshell, the way social media works with it's algorithms and what-not - it amplifies the worst parts of being human. It makes the differences that creates diversity look and feel like the enemy. Because our brains are stupid, many of us do not realise that this is happening.

We make fun of the older generation who get easily scammed or influenced by what they see online. The ironic thing is that it could be happening to us too (and yes, even the younger folk Gen-Z's and beyond).

So, with that in mind, like the video says, "Now what?"

I try to make it a point not to add to the noise. I am what the internet would classify as a Millennial but in truth I feel and identify more with being a Gen-Xer. Being at the nexus of growing up analogue and witnessing the birth of digital equips most people in my age group with the ability to view technology as a tool and a higher chance to develop a better relationship with it. The goal is to use it in a way that would benefit us and the people around us. Not to become slaves to it.

That's my approach to content creation. As a Producer who works with content creators at all levels,

it is important to understand that all of the technology and tools available to us today to help us create content in ways that was unimaginable before. Virality in 2024 is very different from 2010. Going into the rabbit hole of all the if's, how's and maybe's is enough to drive a person crazy.

But if you drill it down to the basics,

  1. "What is your objective and goal behind the content?" Come up with something that makes sense. Don't just try to be viral for viral's sake.

  2. Understand that, "Our brains are stupid", like described in the video above. And you can either choose to exploit that fact or work with it. I choose to work with it but my personal preference is not to be a slave to it and more importantly, to help make the world a better place. How?

  3. Use the produced content to create communities that plays into working within what our brains are good at doing : which is = 'being stupid'.

Anyway, if you've read this far. Thank you for sticking with me. What's your knee-jerk reaction to my train of thought here? Makes sense? Doesn't make sense? Am I making you angry? Or validating what you have believed all along? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, on a totally separate note,

check out the official trailer for the second movie I've ever produced, Gavin Yap's #GengKuburMovie and hit me up if you want to be part of the first wave of people to watch the movie, maybe even get invited to special screenings to meet & greet with the cast & crew and probably get your hands on exclusive merchandise!

25th April 2024 : Coming to a cinema near you, all over Malaysia!

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