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The Value of an Actor as a Purpose-Driven Content Maker

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Something for my Actor friends to think about -

The following is lifted from this article, "Rachel Griffiths calls for producers to better engage with performers" on

*Who is Rachel Griffiths? : She is an Australian actor and director. I remember her from Muriel's Wedding and HBO's Six Feet Under. But she has a tonne of other works to her name. (wikipedia link here)


To my actor friends, here are some highlights from the article to really chew on.

" content is punching above its weight at the box office, because performers have unique sensitivities that we develop by being at the coalface of the final content delivery." - I agree with this because for better or for worse, us actors have an inherent need for audiences to like what we do in one way or another. The better actors among us understand how to balance what is truthful and what a viewer might like.

I love this statement too, "...the value of the actor as a “purpose-driven content maker”..." - I think us actors in Malaysia should create this environment for ourselves. I feel people like Bront Palarae and Nam Ron have done this very well today. Most actors here just want to get a gig. I'm guilty of that too. But if more of us, celebrity or not, start picking up a purpose of making what we make as actors, directors or even producers...well, imagine what that could be like?

There's so much more to this article but this is something that reminded me of why I made a decision long ago to add on 'Producer' to my "I am an actor" intro : "...most importantly, I think we actors are intrinsic collaborators." And collaborate we must.

Go click on the full article linked at the top of this post, I think you might find something that resonates with you too. Holla at me if you think there's something you want to make, maybe we can help each other?

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