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#BrandedEntertainment : Pesan Dari Hati

Another release by my Iron Hill Media partner Hafiz Ibrahim alongside the people in The Academy Consulting and Viu in collaboration with Grab and OVO (PT Visionet Internasional) producing a series called "Pesan Dari Hati". Congrats all around! The trailer looks awesome, give it a look-see!

Branded TV series or films, which which we coin as #BrandedEntertainment is no longer something to talk about as happening in the 'future'. It's here right now. Traditional advertising in all it's forms, is in a constant state of flux. With the new revolution hitting us right now in the form of AI, the likes of ChatGPT etc, change will always be the only constant. It's an expensive endeavour to keep up with the curve, experimenting with what works and what doesn't.

However, there is one thing that doesn't change. As cliched as the saying goes, 'Content is King'. Produce a good show (TV series or Movie) and the impact can go far beyond a 'viral ad'.

The truth is, people accept the fact that advertising will always be there in one way or another. If the piece of content is good & entertaining : people ultimately do not mind! The content needs to engage, captivate and that will lead to retention. Isn't this the gold standard every Brand wants? Imagine keeping a captive audience binge watching a series on their OTT platform of choice that is produced by a your Brand!

Quoting Imagine Entertainment & Television's Brian Grazer, "The best partnership you can have is a marriage where the themes between the company and the story are aligned."

During my 5 years with Nuffnang#RTVMalaysia (a video content consulting & producing arm) producing branded content for brands on YouTube, Facebook etc. Even though, the briefs I received were for one-off campaigns (special promos, new product launches, festive occasssions), I always made it a point to craft the content around the Brand's DNA and show a way forward to build on any of the content that was being pitched.

Just like pitching a TV Series concept these days (should always include serious thought of how a Season 2 and 3 can be developed). The Brands I worked with always loved the effort but truth be told, very few accepted the challenge of building on that Branded Content DNA, choosing to stay in the comfort of producing the one-off in hopes that it goes viral by pumping in huge budgets to boost views. To which, I only have one question, 'What's stopping a Brand from becoming as influential as 'Influencers / KOLs'?'

Where there's a will, there's a way. Right now, there's not enough 'will'. I hope this will change, since we all know, 'Content is king.'

Interested in #BrandedEntertainment? Hit me up and let's talk!


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