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Exercise at home, stay sane & spread positivity

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

We are under a 'Restricted Movement Order' or 'Movement Control Order' till 31st March 2020. It's the end of Day 4 as I am typing this. So far, things are going reasonably well for me and the wife. I am thankful that work and family matters are all in order and life is still going on.

More than that, I am beyond grateful that despite the state of our politics, our frontliners at the hospitals, NGO's, volunteers are all out there doing what needs to be done.

The least the rest of us can do is to #StayHome and help them help us, #FlattenTheCurve. Here's some good advice from an expert (video by Vox) -

I just read about the Penangite Consultant Cardiologist arguing about that the MCO is not a 'confinement order'. That we all have the right to go out and exercise, in fact, for our own good.

While I get where he is coming from, I do not agree with his actions. We are in a state of a worldwide pandemic and I always go back to that statement in 'Men In Black' -

If you think you're a smart person, good for you. But bear in mind that dumb, panicky, dangerous 'people' are going to see one 'smart person' out in the park and think that they can go out too. Which will lead to crowding and will lead to higher risk of infections.

Dear friends, while it might be hard, try and stay sane. Don't spread nonsense 'forwarded' messages you are getting on whatsapp without checking it's validity. Remember, 'people are dumb' and easily triggered right now. I'm personally subscribed to the following so that I know I'm getting truly verified news & updates -

Lastly, let's try and put some good positive energy out there. Check out #KitaJagaKita and see if you can help others at this link. We could all do with some spreading of positive vibes instead.

#michaelcsmfitness : Exercises you can do too!

So, if you're looking for a routine that you can do at home, here's something I've put together.

If you feel like doing some my other conditioning exercises, you can check out some of these videos. You can replace any of the more difficult exercises with simpler variations. For example, the skip rope warm-ups can be replaced with star-jumps or jogging on the spot etc. Anything that has weights like dumbbells or the longbar, you can replace with some kind of weight/resistance replacement (like DIY mineral water bottles etc).

250 reps - Bodyweight & Longbar - Low Intermediate

300 reps - Bodyweight & Dumbbells - Low Intermediate

Around 300 reps - Bodyweight Only - Beginner

Take care of yourselves and each other out there folks. Stay sane and spread positive vibes.

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