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Goodnight Jarod of #TheEdgeKL 2018 by @theatrethreesixty @nickchoomusic.

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

I’m pretty sure post production blues is going to hit me hard on this one. One of the common questions I’ve been getting asked a lot throughout this whole run was, “How did you make yourself cry so consistently at all the different moments of the show?”

I am reminded of this quote from this article:“You’re not just technically producing it. When you cry, you really cry – physically, emotionally, everything. It’s in you. It’s part of your life.”

There is something about Jarod that I connect with on a level that I cannot explain. It’s just there and it was a pleasure to revisit again, 10 years later.

Once again, a big thank you for all of you who came to watch it. I am truly grateful.

Big hugs to #theatrethreesixty @chrisling Nick Choo @teacherdomlucienluk @ken.ssc @mooglehuffer @farisha_nadia Adry @triaaziz @kaichalmerss @michelle.hs.tan @ping.khoo @izworkz Elaine Jazz'Lynne, Wai Leong, Aizat Adli and @nickxandar - #TheEdgeKL - Picture by @shipng (at Lot'ng)

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