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My IMDB Profile Page

#Throwback to June 2018, when I stumbled upon the fact that I had not just one but two IMDB profiles listed - Michael Chen (IX) and Michael Chen (XXXII). I have no idea who or how my profile got created in the first place. However, both were poorly written and did not represent me at all. So I took it upon myself to set the record straight and try to merge both.

Being my first time writing such a profile, I used Brad Pitt's IMDB profile as a sample. After all, if I’m going to have an IMDB page, I might as well model it after an actor I admire right? 

At the time I did it, I was informed by IMDB that the changes I did would not take hold till very much later. The process is not very straightforward but not totally impossible either. It took me a bit of googling and figuring out but I don't think I ever followed up.

Fast forward to now when I was reminded via FB memories about this and I checked. I am happy to announce that only the 'Michael Chen (IX)' remains! And it is very much following the copy I created.

So hey to all my actor friends, if you find that you have a profile on IMDB (or two!) and don't know how it got there in the first place. Know that you can indeed make changes to it.

As you can see in my image above, now I will not have an excuse if I ever forget my wedding anniversary!

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