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Are You Creative?

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

I took this online test recently, by Adobe. It's pretty, fun and I felt, quite accurate. Guess which type I am?

According to the website, there are 8 types: The Artist, The Thinker, The Adventurer, The Maker, The Producer, The Dreamer, The Innovator and The Visionary.

No prizes for those of you who guessed it right. Cause, it says so right at the top of my website!

Try taking the test yourself and let me know what results you get! : click here

The point of this post is that I am literally looking for someone to work with right now at IHM | If you take the test, and turns out that you could benefit from working with a Producer, why not reach out?

If you have my number, drop me a message. Or contact me here. More deets below.

I am looking for an 'ideas' person to collaborate with me on the daily with what I already have on my slate and find new concepts to develop into a TV series or films.

Do you think you fit the following description?

Job Title : Junior Creative Content Writer | Reports To : CEO of IHM (me) & President of IHM.

Job Overview : You will be an ideas person, who dreams up a concept and takes it from zero to hero. If you are successful, you will have the opportunity to develop materials that will be pitched to OTT platforms on a local, regional and international scale. In the long run, you can be part of a studio that aims to tell world class South East Asian stories to the world.

Responsibilities & Duties : You will be expected to -

  • Write fresh content based on research and brainstorming for existing projects in development on the IHM slate.

  • Seek new commercially viable content based on research.

  • Work alongside with internal and external stakeholders in various 'pre-development' projects, in the prep to seek a buyer for our ideas.

  • Develop creative materials that can be included in a 'pitch bible' using a multitude of media creation and graphics editing tools.

  • Perform administration and ad-hoc duties to facilitate the company’s operations.

  • Any other duties that may be assigned by management from time to time.

  • *Optional : Pitch, develop & produce a calendar of engaging content that can take the form of articles, blogs, short videos and etc for social media to entice and engage the masses, keeping in mind that the produced content is intended to building a presence online to influence future opportunities.

Qualifications : No prior experience is compulsory but related skill sets and personal interest / passion to make good art is highly valued.

Salary : Junior Exec. Level - Enquire within.

Alternatively, you can go directly to and fill up the form and submit a resume along with your contact details so that I can get in touch with you soonest.

If you know someone who might fit the bill, do share this along.

Thank you in advance. Stay safe people!

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